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In 1988, our esteemed alumnus and actor Paul Newman, Ohio ‘43, founded Hole in the Wall Gang Camp on a 300-acre piece of land in Connecticut. Now an international organization known as SeriousFun Children’s Network, this camp was designed as a place where children with terminal or life-threatening illness could escape their medical conditions for a little while to just be kids and, in Paul’s own words, “to raise a little hell.” Today, SeriousFun camps have served over 1,000,000 children in 20 different countries - all free of charge. Phi Kappa Tau has been formally partnered with SeriousFun for over 25 years. In that lifetime, we’ve raised $1.6 million dollars.

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Brothers Ben Gutkind, Noah Hatton, Carter Braunz, Stefano Guariento, Chris Brown, Nolan Marchetti, Brennan Mitsch, Cameron Highet, Austin Dempewolf, Josh Mosher, Chris Hauff, Gavin Rorie, Niall Plunkett, Oscar Zahuita, Thomas Henrikson, and Nik Moffatt celebrating Christmas with pledge class princess Sierra McCann-Morgan (Kappa Alpha Theta) at the Phi Tau Christmas philantrhopy.

Brother CJ Witherspoon and Hannah Kalberg (Alpha Omicron Pi) enjoying the holiday festivities with Phi Tau's own Santa Claus!

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